1. All entries will be confirmed to the radius determined by the Society.

  2. Entries will be accepted only on the distinct understanding that neither the Society nor any of its Officers can be held responsible for any loss or damage to any exhibit no matter how much loss or damage may arise.

  3. The Society reserves the right to cancel any class for which an insufficient number of entries are received. Alternatively, such classes may be held with the prize money reduced at the discretion of the Committee.

  4. All entries must be the sole bona-fide property of the Exhibitor at the time the entry is made.

  5. All entries must be made on the form provided or online where applicable, and should be accompanied by the full amount of the fees as indicated in the Prize Schedule.

  6. The Secretary, in making out the Award Book for the Judges, will strike out all entries for competition in which the entrance fees are not paid on the day of entries closing. This rule will be strictly enforced.

  7. All exhibits must be in position on the ground not later than, nor removed no earlier than, the time stated in the Schedule for the section/class in question

  8. The decision of the Judges shall in all cases be final, except (a) when a bona-fide mistake has been made by the Judges, in which case it will be competent for the Judges to review or reconsider their decision, or (b) where misrepresentation or breach of these Rules is discovered and proved to the satisfaction of the Committee whose decision shall be final.

  9. Any objection against the award of prizes must be made in writing to the Secretary on the Show field. A deposit of £10.00 must accompany each objection, which deposit will be returned if the objection is proved, and if not, will be forfeited to the Society. The decision of the Society shall be final.

  10. Prize Money will be paid on the field

  11. The Society will hold themselves responsible for the payment of prizes, except Special Prizes, which are only offered on behalf of the Donors who are solely responsible for them.

  12. Winners of Challenge Cups and Trophies shall sign a receipt for same and undertake to return the Cup or Trophy when required by the Society.


  • Accidents: All accidents must be reported to a steward or the secretary.

  • Insurance: Where applicable all exhibitors must have public liability insurance.

  • The Society’s Health & Safety Policy statement is available to all exhibitors, Trade Stands and members of the general public, at the Secretary’s tent.

  • All contractors and exhibitors must comply with their own trade/professional standards to meet the Health and Safety standards required by law.

  • All livestock exhibitors are responsible for the safety and proper conduct of their animals, which must remain in their allotted area at all times. The Society’s stewards have the right to box any animal perceived to be unruly.