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As we are one of the last Shows to be held in the annual Agricultural Show calendar,
we had been hoping to hold our 2021 Show as usual but it was with a very heavy heart
that the Society came to the tough decision that we would have to cancel 
this year’s Show.

For further information please download the press release below:-

Keighley Show 2021 (80kb)

But, fear not, we have every intention of being back with a bigger
and better Show in 2022 
and look forward to seeing you all then!

If you want to be placed on the mailing list for information about any aspect of the
2022 Show, please send us your details and area of interest via our 
Contact Page.

To get a flavour of the show, please see our selection of
2019 pictures
courtesy of our Official Photographer
Suzanne Rutherford of SURU Photography

We would like to thank all sponsors, members, exhibitors, and other supporters for their continued help and support, as without their contribution, we would not have a Show to present for the public’s enjoyment. Also a big thank you to all those who give up their time throughout the year to put together all the arrangements for the Show, and to those who spend a week setting up the show field and clearing up afterwards!

Enquiries about the Show can be directed via the
appropriate page of this website or via the
Contact page