Terms & Conditions for Catering Units

  1. Catering Tenders
    • All tender applications to be submitted on the appropriate entry form by 24th May 2024. These may be submitted by email or by post. A separate from must be completed for each unit applied for.
    • Following acceptance of your tender you will be required to pay the agreed site fee and provide relevant certificates for Insurance, Hygiene, and Risk Assessments, etc by 28th June 2024 otherwise your booking will be cancelled.
  1. Insurance
    • All caterers must carry their own Public (and Employers, where applicable) Liability Insurance for at least £2m, proof of which is required when confirming your booking. The Society is aware that Insurance often needs renewal between application and Show Day. It is the caterer’s responsibility to renew the said insurance and send a copy of the renewed Policy to us as soon as you receive it.  Failure to forward the relevant documents may result in your booking being cancelled without refund.
  1. H.S.E. Regulations & Risk Assessment
  • All caterers are reminded to ensure that they are fully conversant with, and comply with, all current regulations particularly The Food Safety Act 1990, The Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006 & associated regulations; Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1992.
  • All caterers must be registered with their local authority and must provide copies of relevant Hygiene Certificates, including food hygiene rating, when confirming their booking.
  • Please be aware that Environmental Health Officers may visit the Show at any stage without notice.
  • The Society has its own Health and Safety Policy in place, but caterers are required to send their own current Risk Assessment when confirming their booking
  • We expect all caterers to abide by the new regulations introduced on 1st October 2023 regarding the banning of single-use plastic cutlery, balloon sticks, polystyrene cups and food containers; and restrictions on single-use plastic plates, trays and bowls.


  1. Fire Protection
    • It is the caterer’s responsibility to ensure that adequate fire precautions are provided, especially in the case where any heating, cooking or similar appliance is used.
    • Those using LPG must comply with Health & Safety Guidance Note CS8 (small scale storage and display of LPG at retail premises)
  1. Allocation of Space
    • The allocation and position of space is entirely at the discretion of the Society, though every endeavour will be made to meet any specific request.
    • When completing the Tender Application Form, ensure you state the size of the total area you will require including space for all vehicle(s) essential for operating your Catering Unit.  (Vehicles simply used for towing must be removed to the car park.)  Please remember to include space needed for tow bars, chairs, tables etc, otherwise, you may find yourself unable to fit in the allocated space.
  1. Vehicle Permits and Admission Tickets
  • Two admission tickets and one vehicle permit per stand will be issued for each booking. Vehicle permits must be displayed in the windscreen.
  • If you have additional staff or helpers who will be attending the Show at any time during the day you must purchase, at the time of booking, any extra admission tickets at £5 each.  (Additional vehicle permits may be available on request but only with additional ticket purchases.)
  1. Arrival and Finding your Site:
    • The showground is open from 7 am on Show Day.  On arrival at the showground please stay in the right hand lane and head to the “Trade Stands Arrival and Holding Area” located at the top of the ramp, opposite the Administration tent, where you will be directed to your site.
    • If you wish to set up on Friday afternoon, a plan of the showground indicating the position of your site will be displayed from noon at the Administration tent.  Please note that the Society cannot accept responsibility for any lost, damage, stolen goods/vehicles etc left on the show field
    • All special requirements stated on your Tender Application Form will have been taken into consideration and the position and/or size of your site cannot be changed upon arrival at the Show.
    • Please note that all caterers must be on the showground no later than 9.30 am on Saturday and there must be NO vehicular movement on the field between the hours of 10.00 am and 5.00 pm.  A breach of this rule could result in an application for a stand at the 2025 Show being refused. Please make sure staff attending with the Stand are aware of this.
    • Once you have finished setting up your stand you must move your towing vehicle to the Trade Stands (White) car park unless otherwise directed.  Vehicles must not be parked behind or adjacent to your stand unless they form part of your unit and you have booked the space they require.
    • Price lists for all food and drink must be displayed and prices must not be increased during the Show.
    • You must be compliant with HSE direction on displaying allergy risk information.
    • Dismantling of Units must not commence until after trading has ceased on Show day.
  1. Meal Vouchers

We require caterers to honour any stewards/ volunteers meal vouchers that are submitted.  (You will not be expected to give change if the person does not wish to spend the full value.) On production of the used vouchers, the full monetary value will be refunded by the Show Treasurer (Administration tent) up to 4.30 pm on Show day. 

  1. Electricity
    • All electrical requirements must be met by the stand holder with the use of silent generators (70db or less) that meet health and safety requirements.  New national guidance encourages the use of diesel rather than petrol, generators.  You will need to let us know the type you will be using and be able to produce a relevant risk assessment
    • Generators must not block the walk ways.
    • Please note that you are responsible for securing your own generator.
    • All electrical appliances must have been PAT tested and are subject to checks on or before Show Day
  1. Water
    • There is no mains water on site therefore it is recommended that you bring supplies to meet your requirements for the day.
  1. Noise
    • Caterers must not use any loudspeaker apparatus.
  1. Sale of Alcohol
    • Caterers are prohibited from selling alcohol for consumption on the showground.
  1. Waste
    • You must provide rubbish bin(s) at your unit.
    • You must clear all waste and rubbish from your area before leaving the showground.  All rubbish to be taken away or placed in the bins/skips provided.
    • Extra bin bags can be collected from the Administration tent at any time throughout the day.
  1. Cancellation and Refunds
    • No refunds shall be given if cancellation is made less than 21 days prior to the date of the Show. Refunds for cancellations made more than 21 days before the Show will be subject to an admin charge of £15. In the event of the entire Show being cancelled prior to show day, full refunds will be made.
    • The Society will not be held responsible for any financial, trading or other loss of whatever kind incurred by the Caterer.
  1. Trophies
    • The Trade Stand judge will visit your stand during the Show and trophies will be awarded for the Best Local and Best Open Trade Stands at 3pm.
  1. 16.Show Day Programme Advertising
    • Adverts 7cm wide x 5cm deep (approx 3” x 2”) are available in the Show Day Programme at a cost £50.  Please indicate on the Tender Application Form if you would like information about this.
  1. Right of refusal or removal
    • Non-compliance with any of the Terms & Conditions for Catering Units may result in expulsion from the Show and/or subsequent refusal of future applications.
    • The Society shall have full and free right to refuse to accept any tender, to cancel any tender after been made and accepted, to refuse admission to the Show field of any proposed catering Unit and/or to remove, or order to be removed, at the risk and expense of the owner thereof any Unit which has been admitted to the Show field.
    • There shall be no obligation upon the Society to make or offer any explanation or reason for any such action and the Society or Show Committee shall not incur any liability or responsibility in this matter.